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Frequently Ask Questions

Do you have questions or need more information?

Our sales representatives will be happy to visit you personally for a consultation and put together a non-binding offer for you. You are also welcome to call us to find out more about XotoCAM and its extensive range of modules, or to make an appointment directly. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Advantages and Features

What are the advantages of digital wound documentation?

Increasing bureaucracy and documentation requirements in the field of wound documentation take up an ever-increasing amount of our time during the respective treatment.

XOTO Technology has developed a digital wound documentation system that enables users to quickly photograph, measure, document and archive wounds. This makes it possible to safeguard sensitive data in terms of quality, therapy, billing and evidence. The system is suitable for both inpatient and outpatient settings.

What are the advantages of image documentation with a XotoCAM?

Nowadays, digital wound photos are often already an integral part of wound documentation. Taking pictures with a smartphone via wound documentation apps or a digital camera has long been common practice. However, the use of such devices and apps, which are often also used privately, involves risks. This concerns above all the areas of data protection and hygiene. Therefore, it is important to use a system that complies with the hygiene guidelines and also meets all data protection requirements.

Is the XotoCAM wipe-disinfectable?

Our liquid-tight and shock-resistant housing complies with the hygiene regulations according to DIN EN ISO 17664. Wipe disinfection with a common surface disinfectant is therefore possible.

What is the resolution and exposure of the XotoCAM?

The XotoCAM was developed specifically for medical requirements, especially for wound documentation. With a high image resolution of 13 megapixels and a continuously fast autofocus, the camera enables high-quality images to be taken. Optimal illumination of the wound is automatically provided by the two integrated LED light rings with a total of 40 LEDs.

What does the XotoSYSTEM cost?

Since the XotoSYSTEM is a modular system and user-dependent, the costs vary. Based on your specific needs in the hospital, nursing home or as a wound manager, we will plan an individual solution for you and put together a non-binding offer. Contact us to find out more details and use our contact form for this purpose.

System and Integration

How is the XotoSYSTEM structured?

XotoSYSTEM has a modular structure and consists of the components anamnesis/diagnosis, therapy order, therapy implementation and material management. The modular structure enables targeted use and can be individually adapted to the respective requirements.

Can XotoSYSTEM be integrated into the hospital information system (HIS)?

The XOTOTEC system solution has the HL7 and DICOM interfaces standardized in the medical environment. The connection to hospital-internal systems or other documentation systems is therefore possible without any problems.

Can the XotoCAM be used as a medical device, e.g. in a hospital?

The system complies with the requirements of the Medical Devices Act and has been approved as such in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485.

Can the wound documentation be integrated into the existing software of the respective user?

The system solution from XOTO Technology has the HL7 and DICOM interfaces that are standardized and integrated in the medical environment. The connection e.g. to hospital-internal systems (HIS) as well as other documentation systems for doctors, nursing services, etc. is therefore possible without any problems. Communication with an internal or external PACS is also possible.

Data Protection and Legal Rights

How safe is wound documentation with the XotoCAM?

Data storage is carried out with 100% legal security, taking into account the current Basic Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). The sensitive personal data of your patients is protected at all times.

Does the XotoCAM have a central pharmaceutical number (PZN)?

Since 01.12.2022, the XotoCAM has a central pharmaceutical number (PZN).