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Digital wound documentation: intuitive and patient-oriented

Wound documentation is an essential component for wound managers and homecare services. The requirements in terms of quality, hygiene, data protection and expert standards are growing and becoming increasingly complex. Plus there are fewer and fewer nursing staff while the number of patients continues to grow. Digital solutions can help you work more efficiently and in doing so increase your quality. The XotoTEC wound management system was developed on this basis. The system offers intuitive use, simple menu navigation and seamless integration into everyday care. This ensures consistent wound documentation quality with maximum legal certainty.

Xototec overview

A simple system for your daily nursing routine

It is a well known fact that mobile wound care is costly and time consuming. We developed our XotoSYSTEM as an innovative solution for digital wound documentation that saves you time and makes a significant contribution to your patients’ well-being. The solution consists of the XotoBASE and XotoAPP and provides a basis for patient management, image capturing and wound measurement.

XotoCAM is the heart of the system – thanks to its intuitive and simple use, digital recording of wounds is child’s play and the camera can be perfectly integrated into your everyday care. Optional modules (including medical history/diagnosis, treatment recommendations and implementation) can be added to create a complete wound management system.

Xototec construction in Homecare

Compatibility of the XOTOTEC wound management system

Communication with existing software solutions

Thanks to the supported interfaces, direct data exchange is simple with the most common software solutions in the field of care – and also possible via other file formats such as XLSX, XML or CSV. We can even set up a compatible interface for you as needed to ensure smooth integration and use of the XotoSYSTEM in your software.


Documentation data transfer and analysis

The wound report clearly lists all documented wound data and then saves it as a standardized PDF file directly in the patient file. This gives you a comprehensive overview of all wound files and treatment processes along with statistical analysis possibilities.

This complete solution also offers you the opportunity to simplify communication and exchange between the various hospital and outpatient care partners. This enables all nursing staff, wound managers and doctors to stay up to date on the current healing process and to make recommendations for action depending on the case. This speeds up healing processes, shortens hospital stays and reduces costs.


Billing made easy with XotoCAM

Billing with payers in the healthcare sector is often time-consuming and unnecessarily complicated. Regardless of whether in hospitals or clinics, inpatient or homecare services or in mobile care for wound managers.

Tracking and a seamless documentation process guarantee that you can offer complete legal certainty for your clients. All individual steps of the treatment being implemented can be clearly mapped out long after the treatment has been carried out. This provides a clear overview with regard to invoicing procedures for services provided with health insurance companies and payers while reducing the administrative effort. XotoCAM allows for secure billing vis-à-vis both statutory and private health insurance companies. As a privately organized wound manager or outpatient care service provider, this offers you a certain degree of financial security.


Legal certainty and GDPR-compliant wound documentation

Image recordings of chronic wounds are considered particularly sensitive data, which means data protection and data security play an extremely important role. When it comes to mobile wound documentation in particular, smartphones with APP solutions are currently used very often – and this poses a major security and data protection risk for your care service.

XotoCAM lets you do your documentation work with convenience and ease while avoiding security risks, data protection violations and the high fines associated with such violations.

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