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Digital wound documentation for inpatient care – digital and time-saving

The rising costs of care at inpatient care facilities leaves less time to work directly with the patient and ultimately makes it very difficult to implement high-quality and reliable wound documentation. Analog documentation and the associated manual transfer of image and text data to care software is not only cumbersome in terms of the administrative effort involved, it is also difficult to compare the documented images and it causes frustration among nursing staff.

The new and innovative XotoCAM allows you to digitally document and structure the documentation and treatment process. The integrated software is easy to use and lets you document and manage all recorded data directly via the camera. The software also makes it possible to transfer the completed documentation directly to the resident’s digital file. This saves valuable time and makes your care work easier./p>

Xototec overview

The XOTOTEC wound management system as part of your daily nursing routine

The legally compliant wound documentation is tried and tested and easy to use. The mobile XotoCAM not only allows you to take high-quality photos and videos, it also lets you measure and document them afterwards. XotoGATE central software collects, sorts and archives the documented data; XotoAPP is used for visualization and further processing of the data. This enables you to transfer the wound documentation stored as a PDF file to other software systems including a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) or patient management systems for retirement and nursing homes. The XotoTEC wound management system satisfies all legal requirements, in particular GDPR provisions.

Xototec construction in the nursing home

Connectivity in care

Data exchange/ interfaces

Integrated interfaces make it possible to exchange data directly with many care software solutions or via common data formats such as XLSX, XML or CSV. We can also set up other interfaces for you on request to ensure smooth communication with your software.


Data transfer

Wound documentation data is stored on XotoGATE as a case file. This complete documentation of a patient can be transferred as a PDF file to the in-house care software or external recipients (hospitals/general practitioners). Communication with an internal or external PACS is also possible.


Data analysis

The wound management system enables you to quickly and easily take images of wounds, reliably save data and thus completely document them. The system also offers a variety of analysis options that make your work easier and save you a lot of time. You get a complete overview of all wound documentation data and treatment processes along with statistical analysis possibilities.


Audit-proof wound documentation with the XotoSYSTEM

The main goals of complete wound documentation are monitoring the course of the wound development and ensuring the quality of treatment and the prospects of healing. Equally essential is the ability to provide proof of the course of treatment vis-à-vis payers and the MDK.

Complete and traceable wound documentation is necessary in order to show that your nursing staff and wound management team have fulfilled their duties and provided care in accordance with the law. The XotoSYSTEM guarantees documentation based on the expert standard of the ICW (Chronic Wounds Initiative) and the specifications of the MDK. This creates transparency and ensures traceability of your care services, thereby creating legal certainty vis-à-vis the MDK.


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