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XOTOTEC – the solution for digital wound documentation

Simplify your daily clinical or nursing tasks and ensure sustainable wound care with the XotoTEC wound management system. This digital solution offers you complete and automated image documentation of chronic wounds. Text and photo documentation of a wound is simple and easy to integrate into inpatient documentation with the mobile XotoCAM – while securing your data at the statutory level necessary in terms of quality, treatment, billing and evidence. This guarantees innovative, safe and fast documentation for your practice.

Advantages of the XotoTEC wound management system

Certified medical device with GDPR-compliant data handling

Picture taking, measuring, documenting and archiving with a single system

Pixelation of sensitive areas for protection of privacy

Data exchange possible via standardized interfaces

Reduction of errors and risks through manipulation-proof data collection with complete legal compliance

Pressure-sensitive touch display can be operated with gloves

Safe and quick hygienic preparation by wiping with conventional surface disinfectants

System components


Wound management system consisting of XotoCAM for image capture and wound measurement, XotoDOCK (docking station for data transfer) and XotoGATE basic software.


Server software for data storage and processing with the ability to link to existing information systems in the hospital, nursing home or practice.


End device for taking pictures of wounds, filming, measuring and documenting directly at the patient.


For displaying and supplementing recorded data and images.

XotoBASE Drawing


XotoMODULE anamnesis/diagnosis

For recording and documenting the patient diagnosis.

XotoMODULE therapy directive

For treatment determination and approval by the attending doctor.

XotoMODULE therapy execution

For documenting the implementation of treatment by the nursing staff.

XotoMODULE material management

For documenting the materials used in wound care.

Fast and simple wound documentation: XotoCAM features

Still and moving images play an important role in medical diagnosis, treatment and documentation. Conventional digital cameras and mobile phones cannot deliver the necessary quality and they are ill-suited for hygienic use. XotoCAM is a wound documentation camera specifically designed for medical use. The high resolution of 13 megapixels guarantees excellent documentation and evaluation of wound images.





Distance measurement


XotoCAM resolution


High image quality (13 MP) and fast autofocus ensure that XotoCAM always offers consistent high-quality, detailed images. It is also possible to record full HD videos with ease.

XotoCAM exposure


A total of 40 LEDs in 2 different sized rings ensure ideal illumination of the wound, regardless of the ambient lighting conditions. White balance optimized for the intended use also offers the best possible image quality. This makes it possible to compare chronic wounds.

XotoCAM Gehäuse Desinfektion


The liquid-tight and shock-resistant housing has an extremely durable surface for guaranteed longevity. The entire camera can be completely sanitized to ensure compliance with the highest hygiene standards.

XotoCAM Display


The 7 inch (approx. 17 cm) high-resolution display is easy to read and can even be operated while wearing disposable gloves. This ensures that detailed views of the images are also displayed with a corresponding resolution while guaranteeing easy handling of the camera at all times.

XotoCAM distance measurement

Distance measurement

A TOF transmitter installed in XotoCAM measures the distance between the camera and the wound and displays this on the camera monitor. This ensures that the distance for wound measurement recommended by the ICW (Chronic Wounds Initiative) of 5 to 50 cm is maintained. This guarantees comparable image data in the measuring range and thus enables digital wound measurement. The wound images can be evaluated accordingly and the wound healing process can be precisely documented.

XotoCAM Dockingstation


A lithium-ion battery provides a constant power supply throughout the entire workday. An integrated charge level indicator tells you the current charge level at all times. A special docking station guarantees that the medical camera is always ready for use thanks to constant charging when docked.

„The XOTOTEC digital wound documentation system offers wound photography, digital measurement and legally compliant documentation in a single device. Its ease of use and ability to link to HIS and PACS guarantees trouble-free integration in everyday hospital applications. What’s more, wound documentation with XOTOTEC saves time and money.“
Dr Sabisch, Asklepios clinik

Chief Physician of the Clinic for Vascular Surgery,
Medical Center Bad Tölz


In this video Dr. Sabisch talks about his experience using the XotoTEC wound documentation system on a daily basis.


The XotoTEC wound documentation system and XotoCAM in clinical use.


XOTOTEC earned a top three spot at “HealthPitch”, the 1st femak startup competition. Here is the accompanying video.

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